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In this 21st century, companies are looking for different methods and strategies to streamline certain processes in order to save resources and further benefit the company. This is why more and more people are using Marketing Automation. At Jelliby we provide answers to all questions related to this type of advertising.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is the combination of different tools and programs (software) that execute, in a completely automated way, different marketing plans and strategies to promote the different products of a given company with the goal of making the potential end-customer interested enough to ultimately purchase it. Would you want to know more?

Why Automation and how does it benefit a company?

Marketing Automation is named this way because the entire advertising strategy is carried out autonomously by software. In this way, employees have more time to focus on the most creative and illustrative aspects of advertising campaigns. This also leads to multiple benefits for the company, which we share with you:

– It saves time and money.

– It enables inbound marketing, which without marketing automation would be impossible to implement. It makes it possible to attract new leads specialised in areas such as sales, make new contacts or improve the company’s turnover.

Develops and analyses advertising campaigns (digital marketing) and streamlines the various processes.

– It manages clients in a more satisfying way and avoids losses in sales.

– It also improves the overall productivity of the company.

How to apply Marketing Automation?

Any advertising campaign should be properly targeted to the right person at the right time, only this way can you obtain a more than satisfactory campaign that meets expectations. In order to do this, the company must know what the client  profile is, through which channels they can be approached (social networks…), how to attract them and what the best way to deliver content is.

Once the company has answered all of these questions, it considers which optimal tool best suits its needs. With regards to these tools, a distinction is made between those that can only carry out one task and those that offer multiple varieties, – some of which may inclide Eloqua or HubSpot. The vast majority of these tools allow email marketing and the automation of these, etc.

There are also specialised tools available for specific sectors: social listening (recording online conversations to determine what people like), forms/questionnaires (and their creation), lead scoring (evaluating contacts), email automation (creating emails and sending them to a database)…

In short, Marketing Automation only brings positive and beneficial aspects to the companies that use it. It also offers multiple tools and functionalities. What do you think? Do you find it useful? Share it with your network and on your platforms!