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At Jelliby we firmly believe that it is possible to drive our business forward and put people and the environment at the heart of everything we do to help make this planet a better place to live in.



We seek to ensure that equality of opportunities, conditions and results is real and that there is no discrimination in recruitment processes, promotion and compensation. To this end:

We elaborate a rigorous salary registration to detect any salarial differences.

We collaborate with NOUS CIMS to favour the incorporation of young people in vulnerable situations

We supplement maternity paid leave.

We share with transparency the salarial banding by professional category.




We work to create an inclusive work environment in which everyone feels comfortable and every identity and realities have a place.

From respecting pronouns from the first interview, through training, to the use of iconography and inclusive language in our internal and external communications.




We want to make steps in the right direction to minimise our environmental impact with every corporate decision and with small actions in the day-to-day work of our staff.

For this reason we want to drive measures such as: energy saving policies, ecological alternatives, waste reduction or a responsible use of resources like paper and water.

in the future

User Experience Manual

Discover a compilation of the tools that we put into practice everyday in Jelliby to break stereotypes, challenge narratives, find creative solutions and make steps forward for a fairer culture through inclusive and accessible digital creation.


Our initiatives

Since the beginning, Jelliby has established different lines of action with the clear desire of materialising our Corporate Social Responsibility values.

A Christmas gesture

Every year we make a donation of 0.7% of our benefits to two non-profit organisations whose actions generate a positive impact on society.

The two NGOs chosen are proposed and voted on by our staff during the Christmas campaign.

People Help

Training, web improvements, materials designing… For years we have collaborated with People Help, a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping refugees from Afghanistan, from the moment they leave their country with legal support until their everyday life once they come to Spain to favour their integration.


It is our initiative to open the door to direct collaboration with entities that present their projects. We want to fulfil our social commitment and we know that we can make a difference from our experience and abilities. Do you want to tell us about your project?


Entities that make the world a better place