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We have a multidisciplinary digital team we tailor to each project to deliver comprehensive service from Strategic specification to implementation, monitoring and continuous measurement.


Our profiles

  • Thinkers & Digital Strategists
  • UX Researchers
  • UX & Behavioral Design Experts
  • Data Analysts
  • Customer Journeys Designers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Front End & Back End Developers
  • Inbound Marketing Specialists
  • SEO Consultants
  • Art Directors & Copywriters
  • Social Media Managers & Community Management
  • Media Planners

What makes us different


Our team

Anna Buixó Anna Buixó
Cofounder & Managing Partner

Anna Buixó

Xavi Pérez Xavi Pérez
Cofounder & Managing Partner

Xavi Pérez

Oriol Rojals Oriol Rojals
Cofounder & Managing Partner

Oriol Rojals

José Rodríguez José Rodríguez
Digital Business

José Rodríguez

Miriam Casanellas Miriam Casanellas
UX-UI Team

Miriam Casanellas

Carmina Serrano Carmina Serrano
General Manager Madrid

Carmina Serrano

Jairo Cayero Jairo Cayero
Technical Team

Jairo Cayero

Anna Vázquez Anna Vázquez
Digital Business

Anna Vázquez

Paula Franco Paula Franco
Digital Business

Paula Franco

Miriam Vilaseca Miriam Vilaseca
Digital Business

Miriam Vilaseca

Gore Casacuberta Gore Casacuberta

Gore Casacuberta

Gloria Infiesta Gloria Infiesta

Gloria Infiesta

Júlia Vivar Júlia Vivar
Digital Business

Júlia Vivar

Elena Biosca Elena Biosca
Content Team

Elena Biosca

Daniel Hervas Daniel Hervas
Content Team

Daniel Hervas

Daniel Echaves Daniel Echaves
Technical Team

Daniel Echaves

Sergio Gómez Sergio Gómez
Technical Team

Sergio Gómez

Marcos Abrines Marcos Abrines
Technical Team

Marcos Abrines

Esther Latorre Esther Latorre
UX-UI Team

Esther Latorre

Arnau Cano Arnau Cano
Digital Business

Arnau Cano

Carmen Moracho Carmen Moracho
Content Team

Carmen Moracho

Elisabet Piedra Elisabet Piedra

Elisabet Piedra

Xavier Cañada Xavier Cañada
Technical Team

Xavier Cañada

Marina Marqués Marina Marqués
Digital Business

Marina Marqués

Anna Fluvià Anna Fluvià
Digital Business

Anna Fluvià

Martina Blesa Martina Blesa
UX-UI Team

Martina Blesa

María Lias María Lias
UX-UI Team

María Lias

Itciar González Itciar González
Content Team

Itciar González

Marc Rovirosa Marc Rovirosa
Digital Business

Marc Rovirosa

Judit Subirats Judit Subirats
Digital Business

Judit Subirats

Teresa Quintanilla Teresa Quintanilla
UX-UI Team

Teresa Quintanilla

Arturo García Arturo García
Digital Business

Arturo García

Paula Noguer Paula Noguer
Digital Business

Paula Noguer

Xavier Burlo Xavier Burlo
Technical Team

Xavier Burlo

Alicia Grima Alicia Grima

Alicia Grima

Claudia Hernandez Claudia Hernandez

Claudia Hernandez

Claudia Quiles Claudia Quiles